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Relief from Back Pain and Walking Imbalance

"I had (an) excellent session regarding my back pain which I developed 45 years ago while playing golf. In one session, my sleep and the back pain reduced considerably. Next day I walked for 8 kms but the pain was marginal. As I am listening to the therapeutic recording twice a day, my walk and the pain has improved by many fold for better."

Aameen Taqi Butt - Lahore, Pakistan

Swelling and Pain in Wrist

Having an RTT® session with Navneeta was liberating and clarifying. The limiting beliefs that were uncovered in childhood as we went into the RTT® session, it freed me from wrist pain and it also freed me from holding myself back from my future passion and purpose. Now I know I can take the steps necessary to become the most powerful version of myself! Thank you so much!!! Irayna

Irayna, Edmonton, Canada

Emotional Eating & Weight Management

"I had a session with Navneeta for my emotional eating issues which I was dealing for the past 7years! What I discovered during a session was mesmerising! I spent years thinking what the cause of my weight gain and was never able to solve it, not even with the diet and exercises. But then I discovered RTT® and Navneeta and felt I wanted to give it one more try.

The session was very pleasant. She was completely present during the intake and session. I really felt that I am being heard. She made me feel more comfortable. Navneeta's voice is so calming and soothing. She helped me to transform mentally, emotionally, behaviourally and spiritually. And the recording I got just blew my mind. I enjoy listening to it every day. And the most important thing I completely overcame the emotional eating pattern just after one session! It was amazing! Truly amazing and life changing! Thank you, Navneeta! I really suggest to work with her.

It will be one of the best investment you will be making in your life."

Nidhin - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

1st session - Insomnia

"I have had serious trouble sleeping. Waves of thoughts would flood my mind once my head touched the pillow. This caused me to roll from side to side and I would end up wasting another hour or two retiring to bed.

After the first session and religiously following instructions from Navneeta, I noticed I am now falling asleep within 15 mins. I have yet to see results of my second session in effect, but I'm sure if I keep following her instructions I will surely see results. As my therapist, Navneeta is an excellent coach, mentor, guide and a great friend. I would definitely recommend her!"

2nd session - Memory, Focus & Concentration

It has been more than 5 years since my last professional exam and I struggled with picking up the books and sitting in one place to study. I always pushed off studying till tomorrow and that tomorrow never came. I even skipped one attempt due to lack of motivation to study. The job, house holders responsibilities, friends would tire me whenever I sat down to study. I even tried going to the library, but the motivation was zero.

After Navneeta's RTT® sessions I could visibly see a change in my attitude. I made time in my jam packed schedule, mornings 6am or nights 10pm and stopped giving myself excuses. Each night as I listened, I gained confidence that I can do this and after listening to the recordings for 3 straight months, I was able to successfully pass the CPA exams on first actual try. I am super grateful and thankful to Navneeta, she was super patient, helpful and I have recommended her to all my friends :)

Joel - Ontario, Canada


"I have long believed that there was something broken inside of me. Working with Navneeta has helped me connect the dots so I could finally make peace with my inner child. The session also helped me deal with a lot of the grief I held inside. Thank you SO SO much Navneeta for your time & patience."

Shari - Mauritius


"Navneeta is a very encouraging and empathic therapist. Her approach was powerful but encouraging. During the session, past memories and words just came out unexpectedly. After so many years of procrastinating, I finally find out the root cause of my problem. Navneeta encouraged me to face my fears and past hurts head on so I could eliminate my problem once and for all. Overall, I just love her soothing presence and her determination to help!"

Elayne, Mo - Markham, Ontario, Canada


I approached Navneeta with an issue with my relationship with my children. I was having difficulty communicating with them after the divorce that created a rift between us and left us all broken. Navneeta listened actively during the session and helped me reframe the negative beliefs that caused detriment to my relationship with them.

Also, listening to her recording throughout the 21 days after the session had a great effect on reprogramming my subconscious. I now have a much healthier relationship with my children than I had before the session. If you need an empathetic, responsive practitioner, I would definitely recommend Navneeta.

Doaa - Ontario, Canada

Finding The Right Partner

"I had a session with Navneeta on monogamous relationships. She was professional, kind, intuitive and patient. She listened, and took the time to hear and understand my presenting problem.

During the session and going back to scenes, asked plenty of probing questions, ultimately scooping out my root cause.

The transformation is amazing. Before the session I still had old beliefs that I was not good enough, deserving enough, and that a loving, supportive, reciprocal relationship was not available to me. I have been listening to the recording twice a day for five days. I've noticed a shift in how I feel ,and know without a doubt that I am more than deserving.

Thank you Navneeta.


"Just wanted to update you and let you know that I've met the most lovely man who is kind, funny, generous, thoughtful and handsome. I still have small moments where I doubt, but I know I'm worth it!"

Samantha, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Dry Eyes

"Navneeta helped with my very dry eyes. She was a good listener and was able to guide me through this session beautifully Thanks again! xx A."

Audrey - France Reunion Island

Back Pain

"Not until my session with Navneeta was I able to completely understand my issue. She is very thorough in her investigation process and ensures that everything is revealed to gain a most effective healing. She is very skilled as a therapist and will no doubt leave the world a better place as she helps people heal."

Wynne Walper, Maryland, United States

Self Criticism/Perfectionism & Finding Life's Purpose

Navneeta is such a talented lady & therapist. I came to her for two sessions with two completely different issues that I wanted to address and she beautifully and skillfully guided me me through the sessions. I was able to gain a level of understanding and clarity that I have not been able to before, lightbulbs were going off constantly during the sessions and finally things were making sense to me!

I had tried to work on these issues myself but had been unsuccessful, but with Navneeta's help I was able to get to the root of the problem immediately, which was a fantastic feeling and a relief to be honest . I was surprised by what came up in our sessions, and I am delighted with what was uncovered as I am now able to understand myself better.

I immediately felt lighter and happier after the sessions and through listening to the bespoke recordings that she made me I am surprised and delighted to find that my behaviour is shifting and I am responding differently to certain situations which is having a positive effect on my life.

Thank you for being so kind and supportive during this process,

I am so grateful, I had the opportunity to work with you, you are an absolute superstar x

Katie Vineyard - Woodbridge, Suffolk, England

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